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The Accurate college of Pharmacy has its own placement cell which is established to provide career guidance to students & committed to providing 100% placement.

The Placement and Career Guidance Cell of Accurate College of Pharmacy consists of young, dynamic, and experienced members. The excellent infrastructure facilities support and accelerate different activities of placement like pre-placement talks, written tests, group discussions, and interviews as per the requirements of the recruiting organizations. The remarkable placement record illustrates the commitment to the progress of the college.


To reduce the gap between candidate skills, knowledge, and the industry needs by producing capable resources equipped with personality development and campus placement training along with professional etiquette and providing them the finest possible opportunities to thrive in their career.


The training and placement team of Accurate College of Pharmacy is dedicated to achieving 100% placements and leaves no stone unturned in preparing the recruitment schedule for the year by inviting HR teams of different organizations to ensure the smooth functioning of the campus- recruitment process. Meanwhile, numerous training programs, workshops, seminars, industry interactions, and industry visits are conducted parallel with regular one-on-one counselling for the betterment of the students facing difficulties in interviews. Faculty development programs are conducted emphasizing 360-degree improvement in student performance through the skill development & knowledge enhancement of the faculty. The entrepreneurship development area is also encouraged and monitored with the view of making job-creators apart from jobseekers.

Placement and Career Guidance Cell Activities

The Placement and Career Guidance Cell undertakes the following activities to get the desired results and set targets:

  • Placing the students in pharmaceutical industries through ON campus recruitment, pooled campus, and OFF campus recruitment.
  • IN plant training for students in pharmaceutical industries during summer and winter break.
  • LIVE project- support for final year students in industries & hospitals
  • Continuous academia-industry interaction to provide better exposure to our students.
  • Pre-joining learning activities and alumni activities for our students.
  • Other activities include Counselling on job opportunities.
  • Helping students during industry visits.

Training and Placement Cell

Rules & Regulations


The purpose of the Training & Placement Cell (TPC) is to define the overall structure & processes of Training, Placements, Career Guidance, and Outreach. The training & placement cell ensures that:

  • Most of the students get on-campus placement.
  • Deserving students can be having the opportunity to start their career with their preferred company.
  • The team adheres to defined processes to achieve the common objective.

Role & Responsibility of Training & Placement Cell:

  • TPC invites Companies/Industries for recruiting students through Campus Drives.
  • TPC prepares the database of all final year students and shares the database to Companies/Industries as per their requirements & eligibility criteria along with a tentative, mutually convenient date for the campus interviews.
  • TPC finalizes the suitable date of campus drive by interaction with Company Personnel.
  • TPC organizes regular Classes/sessions for Soft Skills Development of students for better performance in Placements.
  • Regularly updating the database of students for the company.
  • Make all the arrangements for Venue & Resources for organizing the campus drive.
  • An active team of Faculty and Student placement coordinators is formed for effective execution.
  • TPC doesn’t invite/approach any company for campus drive which involves any kind of financial conditions.

Eligibility conditions:

  • Final year students are eligible to participate in the placement activities if He/she meets the requirements/eligibility criteria specified by the Company as well as TPC.
  • Students interested in placement drives must participate/attend all technical and soft skill preparatory classes/sessions.
  • TPC doesn’t allow the students to pay any amount to any agency/mediator for placements.

Job Offers:

  • TPC strictly follows the policy of “One student, One Job Offer” only.
  • Students placed will be allowed to apply for one Dream Company only and if selected in Dream Company his/her previous offer will be withdrawn itself..
  • If a student is offered a second job, he/she must inform and give a letter of regret to the company, which offered the first job and a letter of acceptance to the second company
  • After accepting a job offer, if any student decides to withdraw his/her acceptance any time during the year, he/she must inform the company concerned through the TPC immediately.
  • After having accepted a job offer, if a student does not wish to join the company due to genuine reasons such as pursuing higher studies, then the student is bound to inform the TPC and abide by the agreements/bonds they enter into with the company.

Student Code of Conduct:

  • Students must be formally attired in College Dress Code whenever they participate in any Placement Activity on-campus or off-campus.
  • Students must carry their identity cards (ID card) with them whenever they go through a placement process either on campus or off-campus.
  • Students cannot directly communicate in any respect with the company officials.
  • Attendance is mandatory for the shortlisted/eligible students during the placement drive.

Debarment/Blacklisting grounds for students:

  • Students may be debarred /blacklisted from the placement drive if he/she is found involved in any interdisciplinary activity or engaged in malpractice.
  • Any eligible student who has not participated in 2 consecutive recruitment drives without prior approval of TPC.
  • Students giving wrong data/information in TPC, He/she will be debarred/blacklisted from the placement activities for the rest of the academic year.
  • Students cannot drop out from the induction/placement process once he/she has been shortlisted for further rounds.
  • Any kind of misbehaviour/complaints reported by the company officials/faculty/staff/volunteers will be taken seriously & those involved will be debarred/ blacklisted from future campus placements.


  • TPC aims to provide placement assistance for all final-year students. Placement is a privilege provided to the students but can’t be claimed as a matter of right.
  • These guidelines are to ensure all equality and fairness of opportunity to all the students. Students who choose for placement through the TPC shall stand by the guidelines prescribed on.
  • Any breach of rules specified above by any student, shall be taken up seriously by the TPC who in turn will view the matter and take action against the students.
  • TPC reserves all rights to modify any or all of the above norms and/or stipulate additional norms for placement that, in its judgment and discretion, are likely to benefit the students.
  • The students must observe and adhere to all codes of conduct rules specified by TPC.
  • As per the company’s convenience, selection processes may take place in any city/town in the states. The students may manage to travel and attend the same accordingly. TPC shall pass on the information received from the organization to the concerned students. The students are expected to make their own travel arrangements and bear the cost of attending placement drives himself/herself.

In case of any clarification in the above matter department/faculty/student may contact the training and placement officer.

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