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The Accurate College of Pharmacy takes challenges whether it is big or small. We have strengths across established and emerging fields of pharmaceutical sciences. Our research-oriented faculty members and students ask and explore questions that push our boundaries. They are always keen to learn, advance, and improve their knowledge. We at accurate are home to leading researchers whose work are supported by our advanced research facilities and resource.

Research Papers & Review Articles:

S. No. Title
1. “Isolation of new phytometabolites from Alpinia galanga Willd. rhizomes” Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol. 34(4), 2021, 1397-1401. (Scopus indexed, JCR IF: 0.684) Read More
2. “In-vitro antimicrobial activity of Cymbopogon citratus Stem extracts”. Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, Vol.12 (01), 2021, 309-318. (Scopus indexed). Read More
3. “Essential oils for the treatment of skin anomalies: Scope and potential” South African Journal of Botany. 000 (2021) 1-11. (Elsevier Journal) Read More
4. “Response of Various Extracts of Manilkarazapota (L) Seeds against Periodontitis Triggering Microbiota” Natural Volatiles & Essential Oils, 2021; 8(4): 13047-13063 Read More
5. “Characterization of Microwave-Controlled Polyacrylamide Graft Copolymer of Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide” Polymers, 2022; 14, 1037 (IF: 4.329) Read More
6. “Etiopathophysiological role of the rennin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in age-related muscular weakening: RAAS-independent beneficial role of ACE2 in muscle weakness” J Biochem Mol Toxicol. 2022, e23030. (Wiley Periodicals) Read More
7. A review on Capsicum annuum (A herbal boon). Int. Res. J. Pharm. 2022;13 (3): 7-10. Read More
8. Association and Institution News: A report on “One Day Workshop on "Recent Quality and Regulatory Aspects-An Academia and Pharma Industry Perspective", The Indian Pharmacist, Vol.XIX, No.06, Nov.-Dec. 2021. Read More
9. A Pharmacological Evaluation for the Ethanolic Extract of Alpinia Calcarata Rhizome for it’s Anti - Asthmatic, Antioxidant and Anti - Inflammatory Activities, Journal of Advanced Zoology ISSN: 0253-7214 Volume 44 Issue S-1 Year 2023 Page 917:928. Read More
10. Ram Dayal, Praveen Kumar. Balwan Singh et.al. Oxalis corniculate and Ficus religosa mitigates rotenone -induced Parkinsons disease in Swiss albino mice – Mechanistic insights and therapeutic potential, Journal of applied Pharmaceutical science – ISSN 2231-3354, accepted on 01/12/2023. Read More
11. Ram Dayal, Praveen Kumar, Balwan Singh et.al. Targeting Trauma- Induced Endocannabinoid System Dysfunction: A Novel Neuroprotective Approach Brain Traumatic Injury, Latin American Journal of Pharmacy,Vol. 42 No. 3(2023) Read More

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